I am a professional countryside guide for Tuscany (Italy), that means that my work consists in taking around tourists who are interested in environmental theme.

I often hike far from usual itineraries discovering hide places and telling about micro-history and local traditions.

I usually walk inside national and regional environment parks, around old pillgrims routes like “Via Francigena”, looking for a hide waterfall, for a small medioeval village or a Renaissance church lose somewhere.

Tourists who came in Italy often doesn’t know that this country is reach of tousands of minor but significant locations and that is the nation with most capillar interesting artistic and historical places distribuited among his territory.

Tuscany is a very special region, located in the middle of Italy, not only for his main towns that everybody knows like Florence, Siena and Pisa, but for the beautiful landscapes, tousend of differents scenery, taking visitors from the mountains of the Appennino to the hills of Chianti, from lakes to the hills surrounding of Florence and the other main towns, from  the seaside to the marvellous and unique islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.

In Tuscany there are three national parks, three regional ones and more than fifty others protected local areas.

I want to share these unusual itineraries with everybody who likes hiking, trekking and open air space, with everybody who wants to know my country and not only to visit it.

I hope that these visitors will find on my blog lots of interesting suggestions and tips that will make their journey a special and unforgettable ones.

Please contact me for any question or suggestion about Tuscany and my blog: hiking@tuscanhiking.com

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