Mugello is great green part of Tuscany. Crowned from the Appenine mountains, Mugello starts next to Florence and go on with coltured fields, woods, torrents, rivers and the Bilancino lake.

Waterfall in Mugello

The place that I suggest with this post is a nice waterfall that you can reach by a medium difficoult hike starting from Galliano that is just 45 minutes by car from Florence. The river Tavaiano forms a little valley rich of water, it is quite far from the main street, so when you arrive in the there the first thing that you can notice is the quiet and the silence.

To arrive at the starting point of the hike, you have to drive till Galliano (next to San Piero a Sieve), then till the little village of Bagnatoio (suggested for a quick visit). Go on drive on the street for other 5 minutes, till you will find a little church on the left and two buildings on the right that are respective a power-station and a bottling factory. You can park in front of this second building and start walking on an rugged street that follows the course of the river. The path was used in the past by lumbermen and hunters and today it is a very suggestive way, all along the Tavaiano, inner in the wood. This path is part of an environment educational tour about the use of water as we can notice the forced water pipe that reach the power-station, the use for agricolture purpose, the use for bottling and at the same time we find an unpolluted environment with lots of differents kinds of trees: oaks, hornbeams, laburnums, and thare is also a chestnut culture and lots of sign of animal’s presence as trails, escaved zones, porcupine’s aculeus and many other.

The first part, that is very easy and accessible to everybody, arrives till a dam. From this point on you have to leave the main path and to walk along rough and narrow tracks, and you have to ford the river many times, after about 15 minutes from the dam you arrive at the little but suggestive waterfall that I show in the photo.

To came back to the park you have to go back to the same way as the paths inside the wood that reach Osteria Bruciata, on the Appenines main trail, has no signs and it’s high recommended to use them only with a local guide.

I was there the 7th of January because the last two months it rained quite every day and I was curious to see the waterfall with its peak flow: the wood was wet, but, as we are in winter, without leaves, so the atmosphere created was very comfortable, but I suggest to visit this special hidden place of Tuscany in spring or in summer when it is so hot that a peaceful rest along a river will be high appreciated.

There are lots of web site for tourist informations about Mugello. This is the one of the official tourism board: where you can ask for any materials. It is in Borgo San Lorenzo inside the Pecori Villa.

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