Sometimes is difficult for vegan to visit a country tasting traditional plates and Tuscany is not an exception with it’s salami and the tipical beefsteak of Florence….

Here is a quick list of tipical plates that can help in your choice..

For the appetizer a valid alternative to the salami and the crostino toscano (made with chicken pluck and anchovy) is the polenta, or bread slice, with mushrooms, or the more classical pieces of tomatoes or olive paté or pecorino cheese with chestnut’s honey..

Going on with the menu, you can have a big choice: tipical of Tuscany is the ribollita – a bread soup with lots of vegetables ingredients, the pappa al pomodoro – bread soup with tomatoes, lots of local kind of  cereals like farro especially the one from the Garfagnana region, orzo (barley), that we use to mix with legumes like beans (you can find lots of kind of beans everyone with a different taste), red or green lentils – famous the ones from Castelluccio di Norcia – creating receips with perfectly balanced as nutritional value.  If you are vegan ask for the ingredients, somewhere the cook might added cheese or milk in his receips.

Taste every kind of season vegetables… the best way is in pinzimonio that means crude vegetables served with tuscan extra vergine olive oil. Artichoke,  fennel,  radicchi (small wild salad like chicory), gobbi that are quite bitter and many more.

As cake you have to taste all the products made by chestnut-mehl that it was called in the past “bread of wood”… You can find migliaccio or castagnaccio made with pine seed, raisin and rosemary, necci and many kind of biscuits.

Of course you will find lots of other specialities to eat, help me adding them to this list with your comment.

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