Villa Pecori Giraldi

Villa Pecori Giraldi

Mugello is a territory in the North East part of Tuscany. It boarder by Apennines chain on Emilia Romagna region.

This part of Tuscany is very green and interesting for it’s naturalistic peculiarity but it’s also reach of human history signs and buildings like castles, monasteries, ancient villages, farms and so on.  Biking or hiking in Mugello is a plunge into the past starting with the medioeve age crossing the Renaissance, arriving at the beginnings of 1900.

Borgo San Lorenzo is the main town of  Mugello Region, the bigger one’s. In Borgo San Lorenzo, located in Villa Pecori Giraldi, an ancient villa restored in 1700, there is the “Museo della Manifattura Chini” (Manifattura Chini Museum). This museum testify the story of the Chini, a family of artists and craftmen coming from this part of Tuscany. They owned a ceramic industry at the beginning of 1900. Galileo Chini, one member of this family, is well known  for his talent for the Liberty Style: althouth it is not very big, it’s a very interesting local-history museum….

and… a little tips for travellers… inside the villa there is also the main tourist office for all Mugello where you can ask for informations and for free materials of the area. (email : )

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