Capraia has a thick net of hiking path starting from the village and from the poart that explores the interior territory of the island. The itineraries are marvellous and  meander across the mediterranean flora that growns everywhere in the island.

When you walk through this kind of vegetation you can experience each of your five senses: the parfums of the lavender, the rosemary, the helichrysum, the spectrum of colors of the flowers, especially in April and May, and the colors of the fruits is various and change day by day: the yellow of the broom, the blue of the rosemary, the red of the arbutus’s fruit, and thousand more.

Touching the leaves you can notice that some of them are tough and sclerotic, some others are covered by quite a velvet layer some others are reduced to needles leaves.

But when you are in this fantastic island, an experience that you can’t absolutely loose, unless you suffer seasickness, is the circumnavigation tour.

The coasts showing all the particular kind of rocks that we can found in the island. Different colors and forms alternates in front of your eyes, there are no words to explain the emotions that I always feel viewing this natural scene.

 I try to give you a sample with the following slideshow:

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