San Vivaldo, terracotta statue

San Vivaldo, terracotta statue

Near Castelfiorentino and Volterra in the Montaione’s territory, next to the village called San Vivaldo there is a convent  of Franciscans.

The hill around the convent is covered with 18 chapels telling about Christ Passion and it represents one of the most important religious place in Italy.

The hill, that originally counted lots of more chapels, reproduced the holy places of Jerusalem with their relative exact position.

The constructions were builded starting from 1500 during the Medioeval Age when travel was became too dangerous and the Franciscans decided to re-create the Calvario’s hill so the pilgrimms didn’t have to go to Jerusalem to pray and have their sin forgived.

Inside the chapels there are some terracotta statue tipical of Montaione reproducing scenes from the Passion of Christ in human size and they are very suggestive especially the Calvario where we have the sensation of walking together with the characters represented by the statues and the Noli Me Tangere for the significant expression of Magdalene.

I suggest to visit the convent and the chapels and then to hike in the surrounding that are really so beautifull in every season, except for summer because it is really too hot.

I usually start from the village of San Vivaldo and hike for a round trip crossing the hills over there.

On the background of this walk, the misterious town of Volterra on one side and San Miniato on the other.

Here is the link where you can find some additional informations:

 One of the terracotta statues was solded at the beginning of 1900 and now is property of the Cleveland Museum of Art, has anybody of you seen this statue?

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